Wednesday, 10 December 2008


"This is a public service announcement
This is only a test"
- Greenday, Warning

It's always difficult to know what to put for the first post of a new blog - this is the post that will define the blog, it's functions, will provide justification for the whole endeavour, will set the tone for all the posts to come... maybe. There's certainly a tendency not to bother.

The rest of my website is almost finished, however, which is good news. The first chapter of Zombie Nation is getting there, and may actually be finished to deadline as well, which is also good news. The PhD on the other hand... but let's not dwell on it.

Instead, here's a warning for anyone on Facebook; Beware!
Actually, much as I may scoff (who, these days, ever downloads anything they don't know what it is?) but I got taken in by one of these not that long ago. When a virus is pretending to be from a friend that you trust, sometimes you'll just click the link without thinking. Best advice - it never hurts to just message your friend and check that what's been sent is legit.

And here's a fun thing for the day, and a great Christmas present idea for the Geek in your life.

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