Saturday, 24 April 2010

Quick Airbrush fix...

Ms Magazine have got in on the body image/ airbrushing debate. Interesting read.

I think I have to highlight this quote though, from Samantha Moore, because it's an important thing which I've tried to say, but which she says much better than I did:

"While boosting women’s self-confidence is peachy, it cannot be a successful driver of social change. What we really need to contest is the beauty myth—the illusion that female beauty standards are natural, inevitable, and backed by some concrete “truth” about optimum femininity."

Followed by this quote from the end of the article itself:

"Images that fall outside the limiting standard can’t produce change when millions of taken-for-granted images constantly cultivate our expectations and solidify the standard. Publishing unadulterated images every so often, with great fanfare, does not successfully challenge the normative Eurocentric image of ideal beauty, which includes vast amounts of alteration. Rather than promoting real change and creating a critical dialogue that explores the creation and maintenance of unrealistic, confining and, often, dangerous images of beauty, the announcement of these unaltered photos can easily become a spectacle designed for publicity and ratings."

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