Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Con-Dem Nation*

Ok, so I'm resigned to the fact that we will have a mostly Tory government for the next few years. Amd my dearest hope at the moment is that the Lib-dems will be able to curb the worst of any social conservatism. In fact, if we do get what some people are predicting - a socially liberal, economically conservative government - I think we might well be onto a good thing.

Even if we do have to put up with gitface Cameron as PM.

There is only one problem. One Major problem that I'm looking at. Take a look at the new cabinet. Do you see any women? Do you see any ethnic "minorities"? I can't really say about sexuality, because that's not something you can necessarily tell just by looking at people, but I'd be willing to bet they're all straight as well.

Come on people! This is the 21st century! Why is it that the only people who can represent us at the highest levels of government have to be older, straight white guys? I can sort of understand, (though not condone, I'd like to add) in a predominantly caucasian country why there might not be much in the way of racial diversity, but I'm sure we could manage better than this. And there should be absolutely no excuse whatsoever for there being no women in cabinet. We make up 52% of the country, there should be no shortage of us. We've been supposedly equal for about half a century, why the hell is this not reflected in our governing body??? Sorry, but if you want proof of inequality, the fact that under the previous government less than 14% of MPs were women, and that number is set to go down with this new lot should be conclusive enough.

The other news that's getting me down today? Harriet, despite having been made acting leader of the Labour party (and consequently winning my vote) she has apparently ruled herself out of the running to replace Gordon (thus my vote is lost again).


* Thanks must go to Sam for providing me with the title of this post. :)


  1. ...I do see *one* woman!

  2. Wait, no, I see three women, and one is Muslim! (I'm not saying women are well respresented, but I am answering your "Do you see any women? Do you see any ethnic minorities?" questions)

  3. Yeah, someone told me about them later. It's still pretty awful that we're so underrepresented.

  4. It is also worth noting that the only woman to get one of the big jobs, Theresa May as Home Secretary, has also been made Minister for Women and Equality. Given how busy she'll be as Home Secretary that tells you a lot about how highly the Tories value women and equality.

  5. Not to mention that her voting record has, so far, been sickeningly homophobic... I get the feeling that the Tories subscribe to the doctrine of "some being more equal than others"...

  6. As demonstrated by their voting record on LGBT issues -

  7. I totally agree that we are hideously underrepresented, but hardly any women run for election. We need to put our money where are mouths are and put ourselves forward. There are some things I think would help:

    If men took a half share of childcare and household tasks (if only);

    If MPs were paid more (I know this is hardly going to be popular, but the truth is living on an MP's pay in London isn't easy if you have a family and a mortgage and many talented women are earning far more than this, so would have to take a major pay cut);

    If there was a push for a greater awareness of politics among younger women, in sixth form and university;

    If the media would stop treating politicians who are women in sexist ways (focussing much more on their home lives, their physical appearances etc than if they were male).

    In the course of researching this I came across the Fawcett Society website, which looks interesting for anyone who cares about underrepresentation:

  8. I absolutely agree, on every point.

    And thanks for the website link :)